Spring Flower Girl Dresses

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sunny Fashion Little Girls' Dress White Pearl 

Tulle Layers Flower Girl

While flower girls look adorable in any dress, the latest styles today range anywhere from tutus to slip dresses. While planning for my April wedding, I've come across some great new trends for dressing the youngest of my entourage.
Traditionally, the flower girl was dressed to match the bride - in white or ivory. Here are three modern takes on spring flower girl dresses:
What better way to celebrate your spring wedding than by replicating the wonderful pink hues of the season? The "Cotton Candy" dress by Little Flowers by Odssey features an over-sized tiered pink back sash/bustle over a lighter cotton candy colored silk ball gown.
What little girl doesn't want to look like a princess out of a storybook? Well, Princess Blossoms by Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings has unveiled their line of flowergirl dresses inspired by the Disney Princesses. There are styles to mimic Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, and Jasmine. One of my favorites, the Cinderella dress, features two rows of blue piping at the waist and a bow and flower at the center back. Constructed in organza and satins, Disney's Princess Blossoms dresses are indisputably charming.
Lastly, there's an update on the traditional satin waist ribbon to match your accent colors. This dress from Sweet Beginnings highlights a satin ribbon with attached flowers flowing down the back. These sweet flowered accents help her live up to her title.
   Whatever style you are searching for, with all the latest trends in the next year, you are sure to find the perfect frock to make your flower girl feel like an important part of the wedding procession. Jennifer Martino Trosclair.

Tips for Selling Your Wedding Dress

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Dressystar Lace Satin Mermaid Wedding Dresses with Train

   Your wedding dress is one of the biggest expenses related to getting married. However, once your wedding is over you really don't have much use for the dress. While you can preserve it or pass it on to your kids, many wedding dresses end up in storage where they are never looked at again.
If you don't have room to store your wedding dress or if you need extra money, then consider selling your dress. By selling your dress you are not only going to earn a little extra money, but you will also be helping another bride get a great dress at a great price and you will be helping protect the environment by recycling your dress.

Tip #1 - Clean and Mend Your Wedding Dress
Before you put your wedding dress up for sale have it professionally cleaned. Then you will want to go over the dress and mend any tears, loose beads and stray threads. If you don't have experience in tailoring or sewing then you can have your dry cleaner handle the process. Most wedding dresses will need very little attention beyond dry cleaning.
Tip #2 - Find a Great Box for Your Wedding Dress
In order to display your wedding dress for sale you will want to find a great box to keep it in. This box needs to look crisp and clean. A white box works well. You can line this box with white tissue paper. You want to avoid adding any paper product to the storage box that has color dyes, as these can bleed onto the dress.

Tip #3 - Photograph Your Wedding Dress
In order to get the best bids on your wedding dress you need to photograph it from several angles. If possible put the dress on a mannequin form or on a person. Then photograph it from the front and from the back. Then take several close up shots of the details found on the dress. Upload these photographs to your computer.

Tip #4 - Write Your Ad
Whether you are selling your wedding dress on an auction site like eBay, or whether you are selling the dress through a classified ad you need catchy ad copy. You will want to provide specific details about your dress in the ad such as its size, color, style, bust measurement, waist measurement, hip measurement and length.
You can also talk about who designed the dress, where you bought the dress and how much it retailed for. Also mention what you have done to clean, preserve and restore the dress.

Tip #5 - Answer Questions Quickly

When you get a query about your wedding dress you need to respond to it quickly. This will help keep your bidders or potential buyers interested in the dress and will ensure a sale. When answering questions from potential buyers be very specific and back up your answers with photographs, when appropriate. Eisla R. Sebastian. 

Vintage Dresses for Your Wardrobe

Friday, October 3, 2014
Vintage style clothing is making its comeback. Whether you fancy the '50s or 6'0s, there is no shortage on what you can find to add to your wardrobe. With summer creeping up quickly, dresses are going to be a huge hit! The good news for these vintage style dresses is even if your not exactly "thin", you can still rock them! The older clothing styles catered more to women of all sizes rather than to the slimmer modern woman that designers today cater to. Check out these five dresses, you will be sure to find at least one you cannot live without!

Light Blue Flirty Cotton Swing Dress: This classic replica of a typical 5'0s swing party dress is amazing! Sizes are available from extra small through 2 extra large. The powdery blue color makes the dress super feminine looking and great to wear out on a summer day. Complete with a thicker strapped halter tie, this dress has a ruched elastic design for the sides to make it a perfect fit for women of all sizes. The bodice itself is done in a shelf style with pleats to complete the classic 50's look. Whether you have a summer wedding to attend or you are just out for the day, choosing this dress will not disappoint you!

Natalie Dress In Pink With Black Trim: This is one heck of a sexy dress! It can be purchased at Pinupgirlclothing and sizes are available from extra small through 2 extra large. This all pink dress with black trim and accents will show off your amazing curves by fitting snugly to your form. Capped sleeves, vintage inspired gathered neckline with a black bow tie to enhance cleavage, and a sexy back slit, how could you go wrong? This dress is versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. If you're looking for a dress with some sex appeal, this is the one for you!

Vintage Rockabilly Party Dress: This is a cute feminine dress from the 50's era! Sizes are available from small through extra large. Color choices are teal, gold, and fushsia pink. This is the absolute perfect summer dress. It is on the shorter side, hitting just above the knee in length. Complete with two layers, the outer layer is a mesh covering. Neckline is a V shaped line and the dress itself is sleeveless. This is perfect for hanging out around town, hitting the local nightlife spots, or even a summer wedding. If your looking for something really feminine this is the choice for you!

Cherry Valence Dress: This is a gorgeous vintage inspired cherry print dress! It can be purchased at ModCloth and sizes available in small through extra large. This flirty dress has a sweetheart bustline and a halter tie around the neck for a great cleavage look. The dress is 100 percent cotton, which will keep you cool during the summer heat. The cherry print against the white cloth on the dress makes it a fashion hit! This is a dress for many occasions and a perfect one to buy if you want something that will keep you sexy and cool throughout the summer!

World's Fair Dress: This chic dress is for a fancier look! It can be purchased at ModCloth and sizes available from a 2 through a 12. This black on white pinstriped dress has a beautiful style to it. Shoulder straps and bustline are black, accenting the dress perfectly. The adorned scalloped bib is a beautiful touch to the dress, adding a bit of spice to something vintage. This dress is perfect for a black and white event, going to the opera or theater, or just a fancy evening out! Ideeas presented by Tiffany Bailey.

Wedding Dresses: Why Are so Many of Them so Ugly?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

This may come as a total shock to you, but there are a lot of hideous wedding dresses. I expected to see a bunch of them when I went on my first wedding dress shopping trip, but, as an admitted shop-a-holic with a pretty decisive "style", I didn't expect to find the whole process so difficult. Not to obnoxiously reference that TV show, but you know that episode of Sex and the City when Carrie is engaged to Rub-Mah-Belly-Baby-Aidan and she and Miranda try wedding dresses on and she gets a crazy case of the hives? Well, my reaction to putting on my first bridal gown was not that extreme, but I did get a bit of the clammy palms, cold sweat, and "holy crap"-need to swallow hard.

As I think I've mentioned before in this column, I haven't spent much time thinking about how I wanted my wedding to be "someday". When I was a teen and my wildest fantasties consisted of falling in love with Stone from Pearl Jam and riding off into the rock 'n' roll sunset, I still didn't really think about weddings. And despite my love of clothes and fashion and pairing wacky things like red Michael Jackson-esque jackets with violet shoes, I've never put much thought into what i would want to wear on the day I got married.

So when I stepped into the bridal store and started thumbing through the racks, I couldn't stop making a "blech" face. So much poof! So much crinoline! So much tulle! And beading! And rouching! And doohickey-ing! And rosettes! One dress we saw has a bejeweled corset that much have weighed ten pounds, with a skirt with so much poof it made Scarlett O'Hara's look like pencil skirts, covered in gigantic satin rosettes. It was barftastic. I should have tried it on.

What I did try on was pretty, mostly. I discovered hot wedding dresses floated my boat the most, which I guess shouldn't be so surprising considering my day job. Beading, even on the most "refined" Vera Wang dresses, felt and looked cheap and tacky. Lace could be very beautiful-who knew I was a lace girl? Low-backed was better than low-cut, while stretchy satin did no favors for me in the thigh dimple and VPL departments.

My hands got clammy when I tried on my favorite dress of the day-trust me, no matter how Bridezilla-since-birth that you may be, as many wedding album clippings you may have snipped, seeing yourself in a bridal gown is BIZARRE. It's like looking at a totally different version of yourself that you've never seen before or met before. I wondered if my feef would feel the same when he saw me in something like it on our wedding day. Then I kind of realized maybe that's what's exciting about getting married-you're still the same person obviously, but you're also becoming someone just a little different too. Something about the dress is sort of signifying of that.

The Curvy Girl's Guide to Summer Dresses

Saturday, September 20, 2014
I consider myself a curvy girl and I have figured out a few simple ways to find summer dresses that fit and flatter my figure. Here are a few tips and pieces of advice that can help any curvy lady out in the summer.

If you have curvy hips
I am tall and curvy so sometimes I have a hard time finding flattering dresses. For a curvy girl the empire waist is your best friend, especially if you're a pear shape like me. The reason that the empire waist line is best is because it highlights your smallest area, the section of your torso just under your bust line.
If you want to make your full chest more proportional
A V-neck on a wrap dress will flatter your chest better than any other style. The wrap function allows you to control how much cleavage you show and also has a similar effect to the figure as the empire waist-line does.

If you have great legs
You should show them off in a cute Mod-style dress. They are a bit loose and short so they show you're legs but don't cling to you. I really like the ones that show little or none of my chest because when you have on something short, you should tone down everything else. You want to look classy and sassy, not floozy.
Other slimming tricks that accentuate your best features
Wearing a thick belt at your waist or above it makes your waist look smaller and your figure more proportional.

Trapeze or bubble dresses are also a good choice, if you want to down play a large chest or thick hips. They're also really chic. I have one that is about knee-length and it is adorable. Square-neck collars are especially flattering.
Avoid ruffles, especially around your chest. If it is at the bottom of your dress, it's probably okay though.

Make sure you get pieces that fit. I see so many attractive women wearing too-tight outfits. It looks awful. I even noticed that on a recent episode of How I met Your Mother, JLo was a guest star and she had arm fat hanging out of her dress. JLo is not fat, but the dress was too snug and it made her look heavier than she is.
Heels are great
They lengthen your legs and make you look more put-together. You can wear them with anything but especially with semi-plain dresses or casual looking frocks. They really do help most outfits for curvy ladies, hopes Sarah Townsend.

Top 5 Black Prom Dresses

Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Time is winding down and in just a few short months many teens will be attending prom. Probably the most important thing for girls attending prom (other than finding a date) is finding the perfect prom dress that no one else at prom will have. When choosing a prom dress there are many different colors and styles so choosing that perfect dress can be quite overwhelming. If you have yet to choose out that one of a kind dress or are just not sure what to get then why not go with a classic.

Some may feel that there is nothing unique about getting a black prom dress, but they are wrong because a black dress is very elegant and formal looking, plus it is hard to make a black dress look bad on you. So if this prom you decide that a black dress is right for you then check out these following dresses.

Gotta Dance Dress - $265 - dresses.com 
The Gotta Dance black prom dress is a strapless, knee length dress made from 100% polyester. The boned bustier and flowing skirt are accented with a rhinestone belt to give it just a bit of bling. It is fully lined and has a hidden back zipper. The Gotta Dance dress is available in sizes 2 to 14.

Dresses.com also offers a necklace and earring set for and additional cost. The dress is made once it is ordered so shipping time right now is 7-10 days from the time you order. Shipping is roughly $15 - $20 depending on location and express shipping can be purchased for an additional $20. If you live in California expect to pay $21.86 in sales tax. If you are interested in the Gotta Dance black prom dress then you can view it here dresses.com/order/1111.html.

Mori Lee Prom Dress - $215 - promgirl.net 
If you are looking for a full length black prom dress then you might want to check out the Mori Lee prom dress. It has bugle beaded bands along the halter and empire of this gown. It also has a high side front slit and low cut back neckline.

This elegant dress is available in sizes 0 to 16. This dress is already made so once you order it (given it remains in stock) it will be shipped to you the next business day. Actual shipping time and cost depends on location and shipping method. If you would like to learn more about the Mori Lee black prom dress you can do so at this link promgirl.net/prdrmolee722.html.

Sherri Hill Dress - $550 - tiza.com 
This Sex in the City inspired dress will wow everyone at prom and will definitely be one of a kind. This ball gown of tiered lace features features tiny rows of French lace and has a nude lining to contrast the black. The waist sash comes together in back to form a large bow. This black prom dress is available in sizes 0 to 16. Tiza.com ships via UPS and standard shipping is 3 to 5 days.

In stock orders will be shipped within 24 hours of being ordered. If the item you order cannot be delivered by your desired wear date then you will be contacted by a Tiza.com customer service representative. This is a specialty store so if you want the Sherri Hill black prom dress then order soon. For additional details and photos of this dress follow the web address.

Jovani Prom Dress - $640 - edressmeprom.com 
Is a full length, elegant, black evening gown what you are looking for this prom? If you aren't on a tight budget then the Stunning Black Jovani Prom Dress may be right up your alley. This dress has a sweetheart neckline, is strapless, has a ruched bodice with jeweled bow, and is available in sizes 2, 4, and 6.

E Dress Me Prom ships via UPS and standard shipping time is 4 to 8 days. If you live in New York then you will have to pay sales tax. For a complete description of the Jovani black prom dress go to edressmeprom.com/prom15565.html.

Splendid Strapless Prom Dress - $450 - onlygowns.com 
The Splendid Strapless Prom Dress is a black poly chiffon with satin gown. It boasts a ruched effect on the bodice with frills on the bottom and embroidery on the top. This strapless dress is available in sizes 2 to 22 and buyers can also choose a custom size.

Shipping is via DHL and prices will be calculated on location and weight. Express shipping can be purchased for between $25 and $35. For additional information on this black prom gown or to order it go to onlygowns.com/purchase/productdetail.asp?cgmain=120&cgsub=117&prodid=1031#tab3.

Casual Wedding Dresses: Dare to Be Different - Dress, Shoes Ballet Flat, Handle Bag

Saturday, September 13, 2014
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